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Shenzhen Netsok Tech Co.,Ltd.
Add: 2nd Floor, Building 1 ,Huidebao Industrial Zone,Baihuadong Road, Guangming New District, Shenzhen ,China        
Tel/Fax: 86-0755-23698902

North American Agent: Alpine Electronics
Add:2211 Lincoln Avenue San Jose,CA 95125        

        About Us

What is Netsok?
Netsok is a technology    
The Netsok Technology allows a robust conduction of higher amperages within smaller envelopes than competing contact technologies.
Developed from flat stamped grid twisted into a HYPERBOLIC Geometry to form a Socket Contact with unique characteristics 
Benefits and features
Stamping & molding technology with lower costs
Lower mating force
Self-cleaning effect during the mating process
Over 10,000 mating cycles
Lower contact resistance
Reliability under vibration and shock
Having smallest size among similar products       
Netsok technology is able to produce socket contacts in sizes as small as 0.68mm

Netsok contact-basic types                Type 2:  Pressed cap (High current)
Type 1: Close up


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